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viewing jfax jfx files

A while back I settled on jfax as a service to get faxes. It’s free and it works. The main problem was that they want you to download their own viewer to view the faxes. The faxes are attached as .jfx files. After a little research I found that these are plain .tif files, and you can just rename the file from something.jfx to something.tif and then use any file viewer that supports tifs.

Hope this helps someone.


  1. Hope this helps someone.

    Yes it does! Thanks!

  2. Thanks. it works. Instead of downloading the crapy messenger. Thanks.

  3. It really works! Another work-around is to let my tif reader (ACDSee) to open this type of extension. One can do this in the Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types -> Click the “New” button, and then in the “File Extension” box fill in “jfx”, then click “Advanced>>” and choose whatever tiff reader you use.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I am at my sister’s home for Christmas and received a document in jfax format, yet her computer did not have jfax’s microviewer to open the file. I checked Google for an answer and found your website which gives direction to change the .jfx extension to a .tif extension. I did it and “bingo”…it worked, thus saving me the time from downloading a microviewer of m sister’s computer. Thanks for the tip!!!

  5. I right-clicked the file and selected “properties”. I changed “open with” to irfanview and it opens it immediately. Irfanview was smart enough to see it as a tiff file. It is also one of the best free image viewers available supporting many obscure file formats, plugins and conversion features. I don’t get no kickbacks here. I’m just a very happy user of grat, free(as in beer) software. no spyware or other hooks.. just.. free.

  6. Thank you very much. It works very well.

  7. Thanks for the tip! It works!

  8. Love it. Thanks! Immediately tried it and was able to view my faxes using irfanview. Great info!

  9. Thank you thank you!!! i am a bit loss because I am using windows 98(Still!) and i cannot find a j2 messenger as it only supports win2000 and win98. at least now i have a solution without having to download it. thank you!!!

  10. Ophir ~

    You’re a life-savah! thanks!

  11. Found this info very useful, re-naming .jfx to .tif works great when you can’t install j2 messenger. Thanks!

  12. Thank you!!! It helped me a LOT!

  13. Thank you. Big help and very simple. Glad someone can still help without being conned or robbed.

  14. Thank you very very much. I just got a support email from them telling me that they are sorry but there viewer doesn’t support vista 64 bit, and that they are working on it, but that I would need to upgrade my j2 account so that I could check the option for them to send the files to me as tiff files. Those sausages were sending them as tiff files all along just renamed to jfx. That’s just dirty slimey business practice.

    Thanks for making this available. You’ve saved us a few bucks and now we can use the tiff viewer we’ve all become accustomed to here in the office instead of their garbage.

  15. Thank you very much for this tip. It’s simple and it works brilliantly. I had archived several of my files in this format and wasn’t sure how to read them, now that I don’t have the jfax viewer anymore. I wish i had known this earlier!

  16. That is great information. Thank you very much! I am glad to be able to use my preferred image tool (IrfanView) instead of the j2 viewer.

    Thanks again!



  17. Whoever originally posted this…thank you so much…you just don’t know how much of a lifesaver this information was!!!

  18. Yep, just change the ext to tif and it DOES WORK!! No need for excessive programs on the pc.


  19. Yes it works!! No need for so many programs on the PC..

  20. Johnny Soprano

    March 1, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    BEAUTIFUL! Works wonderfully. I like to us PDF995 and “print” the file into a .PDF format that everyone can see.

    Thank you!!!!

  21. Great worked!!

  22. Edith Simchi-Levi

    March 9, 2011 at 8:30 am

    I have been trying to figure this out for a while – this is a great solution – thanks!

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