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Month: October 2009

Google Analytics New Features

Google Analytics just officially announced a boatload of new features.
Instead of writing about them myself, I’ll let you check it out straight from the official blog:

I’ve known about the new features for a while (under NDA) and have been thinking about how to best take advantage of them.

More to follow in future posts.
– Ophir

Auto Conversion Tagging for Website Optimizer

Jeremy Aube from ROI Revolution just posted an awesome solution for not needing to update your conversion page tags on your GWO conversion pages.

Check it out:

Website Optimizer with section relationships

Out of the box, MVT experiments with GWO will serve up all possible permutations for an experiment.

Sometimes you want to create sections that are related to each other. For example – a header and footer section that need to be coordinated with each other. The red header needs to be displayed with the red footer and the blue header needs to be displayed with the blue footer.

There is a very simple solution to this.

Just create the experiment as usual and right after you launch the experiment use GWO’s pruning function to remove the combinations you don’t want to serve up (i.e. the red header with the blue footer and the blue header with the red footer).


Split Testing Case Studies

Every now and then I find a good case study.
This posting serves as a simple list of those I want to keep for further reference.
I’ll be adding posts as I find them.


Digitial Media Streamer – Take 2

A few years ago I decided to get a “video jukebox” type of device that would let me view videos (mostly my daughter’s stuff) without having to switch DVDs all the time.

At the time I got an Archos TV+.

It’s a great device, but is no longer supported and doesn’t support HD.

I’m now on the lookout for a new device that supports the following:

  • Built in Ethernet (so I can play from our DS209 NAS Device)
  • Can play DVD ISOs with full menu support (so I don’t have to rip my DVDs into individual files / easy subtitle support, etc)
  • Supports HD (720 is fine for me, though it seems they all do full 1080)
  • Can play the usual suspects (divx, xvid, mp4, aac, etc)
  • Not a full fledged PC (something I can put on top of my DVD player)

I’m creating a list and will post here later, though please chime in if you have suggestions.


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