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Month: September 2009

Domain Names Are Not Case Sensitive (and why a marketer should care)

Just a quick tip for all you Internet Marketers out there:

Domain names are not case sensitive.

Why should you care?

Which of the following is easier to read (and remember)? or

so … it makes sense to use a mixture of upper and lower case letters when you’re dealing with multi word domain names.

Even Google Makes Mistakes

I received an email last night to my gmail account (my browser is chrome).
Here is what it looked like:


I wanted to learn more, so I tried clicking on a few things, but nothing was clickable.

I then turned on images to see what I was missing and got this version:


See the difference?

The ONLY call to action in the email is the learn more button at the bottom which is an image!

While it might make sense having the call to action being an image if the entire email is an image (which is not always a good idea) having most of the email text and ONLY the call to action be an image is very confusing.

Also, you should always preview your email blasts with images off before sending.

WordPress for the iphone

Wouldn’t it be great if you could write posts on your blog from anywhere, even with no Internet connectivity?

Well I just downloaded the wordpress app for my iPhone and am writing this in the subway 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be writing more posts now.

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