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Month: March 2007

Get the most out of Google Website Optimizer – Tips & Tricks

I’ve been using Google Website Optimizer (GWO) extensively since it started beta around November 2006. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post with some of my ideas on Google Website Optimizer Suggestions. Since then I’ve been doing some testing and research on how to get the most out of GWO. If you’re brand new to the whole concept of split testing or if you’ve never used Google Website Optimizer before, I suggest you first check out their site. For the rest of this posting I’m going to assume you at least viewed their flash tutorial.

First of all, some basic concepts about how GWO works at the technical level.

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Google Website Optimizer Suggestions

UPDATE (May 28th, 2007): It seems some of my suggestions have already been implemented. I based my wish list on the functionality that was available when I started the beta (Nov 2006). I wrote a followup article with some Google Optimzer tips and tricks. Kudos to Google!

As I said in a previous post, we’ve been using Google Website Optimizer (I’ll call it GWO) for a while, and overall I’m pretty impressed.

Still, there are a few comments and suggestions I have to make it even better:

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