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Month: October 2007

Good Online Marketing Books

Here’s a short list of some of the online marketing books I’ve read over the past few years (in no particular order).

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
You need to read this book. Even if your not in marketing, this is one of the better books I have ever read that explains the why and not just the what of human behaviour, specifically, in terms persuading someone to do something.

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing
The Eisenberg brothers do a great job explaining why you need to look at your customers in multiple dimensions. Implementing their suggestions isn’t something is easy, but for anyone who’s reached the “lowest common denominator wall”, this is your best way to improve your site.

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Google Optimizer A/B Test With a Private Conversion Page

I just received an email with this question:

I’m trying to set up an GWO A/B test, but I’m having a problem
completing the set-up of the test because the confirmation page
requires a login.  It’s not a public page because there’s sensitive
order info on there.   So we’ve got the CWO code posted on the
confirmation page but GWO can’t validate it because it’s not
a public page.   

However, when a real order comes through, the Javascript will
fire and it should work okay.
Any idea how I can complete the set-up
of the test without going through successful validation?  Right now I’m
stuck because I can’t hit the continue button in GWO to get past the
“Validate pages” step.


So I checked and indeed Jonathan is right.
You can’t continue without a “live” conversion page that is publicly accessible.

The solution
Create a dummy conversion page that is publicly accessible. Enter the dummy page URL during the experiment setup and simply copy the conversion page javascript code to both the dummy page and the real page.

Once an experiment is live, Google Website Optimizer doesn’t care what the URL of the conversion page is. The conversion event will be triggered when the javascript code is executed, regardless of the page URL (if it’s not on the same domain – you need to add some code).

When creating a Multivariate experiment, this is a non-issue because you can upload the conversion page from your local file-system, bypassing the need for the file to be publicly accessible.

Hope that helps
– Ophir

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