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Unbounce and Visual Website Optimizer - Two new split testing services

Posted by ophir on January 28th, 2010

Hi All,

I’ve recently come across two new split testing services that are trying to bring split testing to the masses.

While I love GWO, the underlying assumption is that you can create the HTML for your tests on your own.
For many of the smaller mom-and-pop sites, simply creating the test pages or sections is beyond their capabilities.
Both of these new products come with a built in WYSIWYG editor, which truly lowers the barrier of entry for split testing.

Both products look promising and you should try them out.
One thing I really liked about Visual Web Optimizer is that it will grab your current page and then let you create variations based on your existing page.

Both products are in private beta but I got a hold of some invite codes.

The invite code you can use for Visual Website Optimizer is carsonified

For Unbounce there is a special sign up page for readers:
Don’t forget to use PRUSAK as the sneak peek code when signing up for Unbounce.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

- Ophir

4 Responses to “Unbounce and Visual Website Optimizer - Two new split testing services”

  1. Axel Says:

    Hello Ophir,

    Thank you for your insight. I’m very interested about people’s opinion and get to know the advantages and drawbacks using the first or the second tool. You mentioned something that visual weboptimizer had, but is there something the other has and not this one?

  2. ophir Says:

    @Axel - I have not had a chance to use either service beyond an initial impression so I can’t really compare the two. Unbounce *seems* to have a stronger editor and templates so it might be more suited for someone who wants to create a page from scratch. A 1-on-1 comparison sounds like a cool idea :)

  3. Paras Chopra Says:

    Hi Ophir,

    Thank you for mentioning Visual Website Optimizer! Yes, indeed, a 1-on-1 comparision might be interesting though in my opinion both the products (mine and Unbounce’s) server different (but complementary needs).

    VWO is strictly targeted towards A/B split testing *existing* websites. It won’t let you create new pages. While unbounce is primarily a landing page creator. Oli (unbounce’s founder), please correct me if I am wrong in my assessment.

    Do let me know what you think of tool if you happen to peek into it a bit more closely.

    Paras Chopra

  4. Oli Gardner Says:

    Hi Ophir,

    Thanks for starting the discussion around our products - it’s great.

    Paras you are correct. We do provide an A/B testing framework, but also the ability to create landing pages for your marketing campaigns - as opposed to existing pages that VWO works on. I also agree that we are serving complimentary needs and different problems.

    Incidentally, I’ve set up a new landing page (using Unbounce of course) - with a beta code specifically for you and your readers.

    You can check out the page here:

    I’d love to hear some feedback on what people think of both systems.


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