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programming is easy

I’ve been programming professionally for about ten years. I still use my programming skills, but now I have to use many new skills such as sales, advertising, testing, typography, copy-writing, graphic design, etc.

programming is easy. selling is hard.

As a computer programmer, my tasks are usually well defined (and if they’re not, I can ask a few questions to define the task at hand). The outcome is measurable (it provides the defined functionality) and hopefully bug free.
For example I might be tasked to create a classifieds ads site. First I write down a detailed definition of what the site will (or won’t) do from a functional perspective. Then I can create mock-up screens of what the human interface will look like and finally I will write the code to implement the functionality. This is a pretty straight forward process where success is fairly well defined. Yes, I know that factors like security, performance, scalability and maintainability are not absolutes, but even with those factors you can usually reach a consensus on what’s good or bad.

The specifications of what I’m currently doing is something along the lines of “sell as many units as possible while still being profitable”. (We sell our product, on our site)
This is not easy.
There are probably a zillion different factors that come into play to make a sale. This is actually much more complex that computer programming, it’s just easier to understand each of the factors individually. More on this on a later post where I’ll break down the different factors that come into play.

Hebrew Speaking Parents on the Upper West Side

I just started a new site / mailing list as a pet project.

Hebrew Speaking Parents on the Upper West Side

For those of you that do not live in New York City, the Upper West Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan.

Now you know where I live 🙂


UPDATE: Wow – it was a year ago that I wanted to this. It’s now Sept 2006. This really never got off the ground. I still have plans for web site for parents on the upper west side, but it won’t only be for Hebrew speakers.

viewing jfax jfx files

A while back I settled on jfax as a service to get faxes. It’s free and it works. The main problem was that they want you to download their own viewer to view the faxes. The faxes are attached as .jfx files. After a little research I found that these are plain .tif files, and you can just rename the file from something.jfx to something.tif and then use any file viewer that supports tifs.

Hope this helps someone.

Lower Blood Pressure

OK, your probably wondering why I named a post something about blood pressure. Well folks I’ve changed lanes. I’m now the Internet Marketing Manager at InterCure. They make a device that will lower blood pressure without side effects. It’s called “RESPeRATE to Lower Blood Pressure” (that’s the official name) but everyone just calls it RESPeRATE. Yea, the funky spelling is part of the branding as well. The cool thing is that this device really works. Don’t take my word for it – check the reviews on amazon.

So since I’m doing marketing now, I’m taking advantage of my blog for some free advertising.


So I get this new job (more to come) and I’m playing around with my sub domains and I accidentally change the directory for
This means that now shows a directory listing.

and no one tells me


So I finally notice this today (2 weeks later) and fix it.

My Old Blog

I just realized that I started a blog back in June 1996.

That’s right. Way back in prehistoric times. Of course back then the term blog didn’t exist. It’s just nice to see that I was ahead of my time. Of course after three entries and almost zero feedback I called it a day. So now, over eight years later I’m giving it another try.

Here is it (from

New and Improved

After not making any real changes to my personal web site since 2000 (other than updating my resume) I’ve decided to go down the path of Blog.

Here it is.


If you really want to see the older version of my web site, here it is.

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