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playing movies from my hard disk

Since my 2 year old daughter has manged to destroy most of her DVDs, I’ve been making copies of them, but I’m kinda sick of doing this on a regular basis so I’m looking into Hard Disk based players. (think of a video jukebox).

There are a couple of DVD player based ones. I bought the Inoi HV-670 and I REALLY wanted to work, but it was broken out of the box (it stopped playing after about 20 seconds). I called the support number and got an answering machine. After three messages and no reply, I’ve given up on this as an option.

So for now I’m looking into pure HD based ones. Here’s my list so far:


  1. Don’t give up on the Inoi player. I bought one from Tigerdirect and haven’t had any problems at all with it, other than a noise fan.

  2. I will recommend the Mvix player. My 3 friends have it and I use it… and will wholeheatedly recommend it. Its one the my best purchases I made this year. Needless to say that their support is A++

  3. I ripped all the kid’s DVD’s to a linux fileserver in the basement which runs samba. My 2 yr old has his own PC upstairs with a touch screen interface. When he wants to watch a movie, he simply launches VLC player, opens the movies folder (shortcut on the desktop) and drags the movie he wants to watch onto the VLC application. Children are really quick to learn things like this and it is only a tiny mental feat compared to the difficulty of learning to walk and everything else. There are some videos of the kid on youtube:

  4. The touchscreen interface is a good idea.
    I’m not to crazy about the thought of letting my two year old watch TV whenever she wants.

    I’ve actually gotten the Modix HD 3520, but I’m not really using that much.
    It’s still faster and easier to stick in a DVD into the player, but now I have backups for everything.

    – Ophir

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