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Samsung LCD TV won’t turn on

Posted by ophir on October 17th, 2011

I’ve been online since 1992 and for the very first time I’m using my blog to make a public complaint.
I purchased a high end Samsung LCD TV three years ago and now it won’t turn on anymore.
The red right in front is on, but it won’t turn on.

After some Google-ing I found tons of posts regarding the same issue so this seems to be a common issue with Samsung TVs. In all fairness I’ve never had a different brand flat screen TV, so having an $800 TV fail after three years could be the norm with flat screen TVs.

In any case, if Samsung wants to do good with this consumer, all I’m asking is that they fix it free of charge. I already contacted them and was told it’s out of warranty so tough luck.

In the mean time, if you want to recommend a brand of TV - let me know your thoughts. BTW, I’m looking for a 32 inch-er.


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  1. Jay curcio Says:

    I have a 40inch lcd that is starting to fail when I called 2 days ago they told me that they were aware of the problem but it was a small batch of them manufactured in april of 2007 mine was made in feb so they could not fix mine I asked them where I could get a new board for mine, told me check the I asked to speak to his manager, after a few min.of waiting a mother person came on and he was able to authorize the repair , repair guy called today coming to fix out tue.and he told me he does about 4 of these a week

  2. ophir Says:

    I actually did ask to speak to a manager and was told the same thing - that it wasn’t under warranty. It seems to be hit and miss regarding a manager actually authorizing a repair out of warranty. I was reading the boards and did find other people with the same story - that their samsung TV wouldn’t turn on even though the red light was on. Some people managed to get it fixed out of warranty and some didn’t.

    Do you happen to have the name of the manager that authorized the repair to your TV?

    On the flip side, anyone know how much this should cost to repair? I live in new york city and know that local repairmen tend to charge more than in the burbs.

    Thanks again,

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Same problem here. Called ad finally got a hold of a manager who told me there were no documented problems with LNS4140 LCD TV’s therefore they would not fix the problem. (If you search the web, there are hundreds of consumers with the same problem!) Samsung refuses to acknowledge and document the problem. No documentation, no problem. Stay away from Samsung! The company does not give a darn about us as consumers. I have a 40 inch paper weight on my hands and am having to pay more money for a new TV. Rest assured Samsung will not get any of my money and if there’s anyone within hearing distance when I go to purchase my new TV, they will know Samsung sucks!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    My tv is now doing the same thing and it’s only 3 years old!! What a rip off!!

  5. Lee Says:

    Ours just did the samething power light is on and the TV won’t power up. 2nd Samsung to do this within 3 years. This stinks..,.,

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I heard about a class action lawsuit against Samsung for this issue. There are millions of these bad TVs out there and they knew about it but tried to deny. Typical.

    a Samsung attorney admitted in an Oklahoma courtroom, where one of the class-action cases is pending, that as many as 7.5 million televisions could have problems.

    The company is close to settling that case, which would result in a national resolution of the problem, Samsung says. Once the settlement agreement is approved by the judge, the company will notify consumers about how they can get repairs needed in the future or reimbursed for repairs they have already paid for.

    Samsung’s proposed notice says the affected models manufactured between 2006 through 2008 are as follows:

    LCDs: LNT******/XAA; LN**A******XZA; LNS4041DX/XAA; LNS4051DX/XAA; LNS4052DX/XAA; LNS5296DX/XAA

    The asterisks indicate that the affected models include any that begin and end with the combination of letters listed.

    PDPs: HPT5034X/XAA; HPT5044X/XAA; HPT5054X/XAA; HPT5064X/XAA; PN42A410C1DXZA; PN42A450P1DXZA; PN50A410C1DXZA; PN50A450P1DXZA; PN50A460S4DXZA


  7. ophir Says:

    This is potentially good news for some people out there, but unfortunately it won’t help me.
    I took the TV to a trusted repairman who said it would cost $200 to get fixed.
    A NEW 32″ TV (the size that I got at the time) cost less than $400 so I just got a new tv. Of course NOT a samsung.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that samsung TV’s are bad, just that I’m disappointed that mine died after 3 years.

    Lesson learned. This time I got a no name 40 inch for $330 on sale which actually uses a Samsung screen :)

    Btw, it’s still not to late for Samsung to make this customer trust in them again.
    The new 2012 smart TV’s sound very cool and review worthy ;) *cough* *cough*

    netflix + hulu plus + skype + pandora = happiness

  8. n smit Says:

    i had the same problem 3 moths out of guarantee

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