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This page should really be called - "Has anything at all changed since I was last here ?" since I know I won't update my site very often. I think you should only call something "new" on the web if it has been updated in the past month (and even that is stretching it). 

My Resume (CV) 20/Sep/2004
Updated. Make me an offer I can't refuse :) 

NYC Job help 1/Jul/2001
Here are some links to people and places that have helped me in my job search.

Server Change and Site Update 12/Jan/2000
Wow. It's been a while since I've made any changes to this site. I'm leaving my current work place at the end of this month so I had to relocate my web site to a different server (I'm paying for hosting now). You'll notice that many of the pages now say that they were last updated on Jan 12th, 2000 (even though they weren't). This is because of the server change. I am also in the process of updating the site.

Ophir's PalmPilot Stuff 1/Jan/1998
My contribution to the world of the PalmPilot. 

Israel LaserDisc Site 25/Nov/1997
The Israel LaserDisc Site. Created by yours truly. 

Correct Spelling ! 06/Nov/1997
I finally ran the whole site through a spell checker. 

Contact me 06/Nov/1997
Finally! You can let me know what you think of my site. Do it. NOW! 

Stuff I've Done 28/Oct/1997
I decided to add links to some of the Web sites and cgi's I've done or been a part of. I also thought I might add some graphics and animations I've done. Before I started working in the Internet business, I did some work doing 3D computer animation. 

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